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Vaults : Gala









2004 Poster campaign for Gala Casinos – photography by Robbie Smith



Someone with impeccable taste purchased a framed print of one of my photographs of the new bridge.

You can see more prints for sale at Redbubble

Taken with Nikon D610


Stars and Stripes

Recent work : Website Design & Build

Design and build of responsive website for Progressive Partnership Ltd.

Copy and team photography by Mark Gorman @ Think Hard.



New work

Sixtythree Creative and Think Hard created this campaign of 24 brand press press executions, 8 radio and one tactical subscription ad for Scotland’s The Herald. Targeted at existing readers the press ran in-paper and aimed to both complement their wise choice in reading their paper and encourage  deeper relationship with it by increasing purchasing frequency.

It dramatised a vast array of surprising facts about Scotland that we hoped readers might share with their peers.


Lucca Train Station



Rail Bridge

Photo of Rail Bridge for Herald Press campaign

The Queensferry Crossing


Work in progress

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