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Tricky Situations – Tennents Special


Rugby World Cup expanding MPU
Press Ad


Making it unmissable viral STV Player

The Balmoral Hotel

The Balmoral Clock

Since 1902, the hotel’s clock has been set three minutes fast to ensure that the people of Edinburgh wouldn’t miss their trains. This is still the case today. The only day that the clock runs on time is on 31 December Hogmanay for the city’s New Year celebrations. The clock tower, at 190 feet (58 m) high, forms a prominent landmark in Edinburgh’s city centre. Here are a few ads from the vaults.

Vaults: Manchester Rock Radio

Award winning press poster and ambient campaign – 2009 EPICA Finalist and Scottish Advertising Awards Best 48 & 98 Sheet poster – Commendation Best Use of Media

Urinal poster

Vaults : Gala









2004 Poster campaign for Gala Casinos – photography by Robbie Smith


New work

Sixtythree Creative and Think Hard created this campaign of 24 brand press press executions, 8 radio and one tactical subscription ad for Scotland’s The Herald. Targeted at existing readers the press ran in-paper and aimed to both complement their wise choice in reading their paper and encourage  deeper relationship with it by increasing purchasing frequency.

It dramatised a vast array of surprising facts about Scotland that we hoped readers might share with their peers.


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